Autospa Touch-Up Paint

Brand New Looks With AUTOSPA
An Advanced Car Care Finishing Product

About the Product

Synth Plus Auto Marketing, a distributor of AUTOSPA advanced car care finishing products recently introduced an advanced ‘touch-up solution for your car’s minor scratches and imperfections. The solution is based on factory automobile paints which match most major marques currently on the road. It is also available in various colors to fit your car’s specifications.

The advanced solution comes in a mini-bottle (25 ml) with a tight lid that provides longer lasting color and prevents paint from drying out. With the Autospa Auto ‘Touch-up paint, consumers will be relieved of minor chips and scratches that are caused by road hazards and objects particularly stones, potholes and even minor accidents.

The ‘Touch-up paint is so easy to use that you can do it at anytime and anywhere at your convenience. Whenever you feel like it or detect imperfections, just swipe the color you have chosen for your car and boost its appearance immediately.

It is recommended that you remove wax before touching up with Autospa and wait at least one month before waxing your car again. The Autospa solution has prep solvent that is designed to chemically remove contaminants from the surface of your car if washing alone is not suffice.

Currently, the Autospa Auto ‘Touch-up paint is available for all Protons, Peroduas, Toyotas, KIA and Honda marques. More manufacturers will be added in the near future. In addition, Synth Plus Auto Marketing will accommodate to customers?requests according to your car’s make or model.

According to Synth Plus Auto Marketing’s Mr. Alvin Ho, “Many times car manufacturers have a color with an individual color code, but have several names for it. For instance Toyota and Lexus share colors and color codes, but have different names for them. Oddly enough so does Honda, Ford and its family of cars.

"Our premium ‘Touch-up paint is labor intensive, but customer oriented. Our products are also tested for compatibility,?he added.

Many auto accessories stores, D-I-Y and hardware shops, hypermarkets and superstores in the Klang Valley and major cities in the country carry the Autospa Auto ‘Touch up paint variations. However, if they do have a customer’s desired color, they will recommend it to Synth Plus Auto Marketing.

The new AUTOSPA Auto Touch-Up Paint is available at the following outlets:

  • Cash and Carry shops
  • Auto Accessories stores
  • D-I-Y, hardware shops
  • Hypermarkets
  • Superstores